A320 A330 A340 series FULL Procedures CBT NEW


The only COMPLETE and FULL A320, A330, A340 series Procedures data package and much more. A complete collection of training material from the factory!. Latest edition.

Welcome Briefing

A300/A310, A318/A319/A320/A321, A330, A340


FCTM Complete Flight Crew Training Manual

A320, A330/A340



A300/A310, A318/A319/A320/A321, A330, A340


Complete Flight Operations Manual

A300-600, A310, A320, A330/A340-300/A340-600



Procedure Data Package Single Aisle and Long Range Family


Normal Operations

All Phases-Flow Pattern, Cockpit Preparation, Before Start/Engine Start/After Start, Taxi/Before Takeoff, Takeoff, Climb, Cruise, Descent, ILS Approach, Ground Speed Mini, Non Precision Approach, Go Around, After Landing/Parking/Securing, RNAV GPS Approach


Abnormal Operations

Elec: Emer Config, Smoke, Flaps Locked after TO, Slats fault in approach, Fuel Imbalance, HYD: G+Y SYS LO PR, EIS failures - Switching, Unreliable Speed Indication, IR Discrepancy, NAV: ADR 1+3 Fault, NAV:RA 1+2 Fault, Engine Start fault, Engine failure after TO, Engine failure in Cruise, Emergency Descent


Airbus TRI Course

General Introduction, Pilot Advanced Course, Airbus Philosophy, Learning and Teaching, Techniques of Applied Instruction, Additional documentation


Airbus Operational Expertise

Fans, Cold Weather, ETOPS, Cost Index, CAT II & III Operations, Approach and Landing Accidents Reduction, Aircraft Performance, Fuel Economy, Fatigue and Alertness Management, Modern Navigation, Aerodynamic Deterioration, Aircraft Performance Monitoring, Coping with Long Range Flying, Take Off Safety Training Aid, Flight Operations Monitoring Handbook, Aircraft Noise, Weight and Balance, Datalink, MMEL and MEL, Cabin Safety


Airbus Reference Language

General, Glossary of terms, Approved abbreviations, Abbreviations for info only.

99.00 USD


Flight Crew Course
Flight Crew Performance Course
Common Flight Crew Course
Final Approach Course


COMPLETE and FULL A330 CBT. A complete cbt from the factory!. Latest edition.
Metric or US units.
APT2 Course
A320 --> A330 CCQ Systems
A320 --> A330 CCQ Quizzes
A340 --> A330 CCQ Systems
A340 --> A330 CCQ Quizzes
Familiarization Briefing
Computer Based Training (CBT)
Procedure Data Package (PDP)

Flight Crew Performance Course 
with LPC-NG Tool & AIRBUS Documentation
Common Flight Crew Course
Final Approach Course all FBW Aircraft

99.00 USD

A319/320/321 FMGS Free Play Simulator


TRAIN, STUDY as the major airlines pilots!

Flight Management System Trainer (1 CD) is a sophisticated PC based training device that allows the student to perform MCDU, Autopilot, EFIS and navigation procedures for pre-flight and in-flight while operating in a true free-play training environment.


Free-play Simulation. Unrestricted training environment that is the same as the real world.

High-resolution images are combined with accurate real-times simulation modeling to create a training environment that looks and operates just like the real aircraft.

Include the PFD, ND, MCDU, FCU, Autopilot, Auto throttle and all associated control panels. All of these are fully integrated to operate in a free-play moe within the aircraft operating envelope.


The FMGS is integrated with the capabilitiy to set the flaps, slats, speed brakes and gear to allow for complete and true free-play experience.



FMGS procedures, including preflight, departure, enroute, arrival, approach, missed approach, lateral and vertical navigation, fully integrated with all autopilot and EFIS modes.

Simulation Control includes store memos, recall memos, freeye, simulation speedup, syllabus, acronysms and snapshots.

Aircraft configurations customized to customer specification.



99.00 USD

Full A320 series Pilot learning CBT NEW.


The only complete and Full A320 CBT Training Program, ccq to A320 from A330, A340. Latest Edition, Updated

CBT: Interactive Computer Based Training Module, complete training.

Many videos included. Manuals and Flight Crew Training Manual.


The systems are described through narration and the user is challanged to move switches and view the affect on the system and aircraft displays.

Test questions and reviews after each chapter.


APT course

CBT Introduction, Aircraft General, EIS-EFIS, Autoflight, EIS-ECAM, Pneumatic, Air Conditioning, Pressurization, Ventilation, Communications, APU, Electrical, Cabin Presentation, Navigation, Fire Protection, Ice and Rain, Hydraulic, Landing Gear, Flight Controls, Fuel, Oxygen, Lights, Recorders, Doors, Power Plant


Footprint step 2 course

A330-->A320 CCQ course, A340-->A320 CCQ course, A318/A319/A320/A321 Fam Briefing, A318/A319/A320/A321 Performance course, A320 ETOPS Briefing, CAT II/CAT III, TCAS II course, A319/A320/A321 Exterior Inspection, Briefing for FS2, A320 Flight Crew Training Manual, Airbus Reference Language ARL, Airbus Operational Expertise


Airplane upset recovery, Rejected Take-off, Reinforced phase 2 ckpt door, ACRM, Flight crew, Cabin crew, Controlled flight into terrain CFIT.



99.00 USD

A320 series Pilot learning CBT Airline edition

Complete and Full A320 series CBT Training Program

CBT: Interactive Computer Based Training Module, complete training.

Many videos included.

The systems are described through narration and the user is challanged to move switches and view the affect on the system and aircraft displays.

Test questions and reviews after each chapter.


APT course

Intro to A320 Piloting, Controls & Indicators, Abnormal Overview, Electronic Instrument Systems, Flight Indications Basics, Communications, Electrics, APU, Fuel, Engines, Fire Protection, Pneumatics, Air Conditioning, Pressurization, Ventilantion

Footprint step 2 course

Hydraulics, Landing Gear Breaks, Flight Control System, Navigation Display, Ice & Rain, Additional Instruments, Autoflight Overview, Basic Autoflight Operation, Introduction to the MCDU, Navigation Database,  Basic PFD Symbols, Adavanced PFD Symbols, Flight Plan, Preflight, Autothrust Operation, Navigation


99.00 USD

A320 Video Training DVD


This offical NEW Airline A320 Video Training DVD will take you in the A320 cockpit.


Watch and study the real application of the procedures, Sop's, multi crew cooperation (MCC), man-machine interactions etc.

Nearly 2 hrs of video training.



1 Engine failure after TO with damage pachs off, 2 Engine failure after TO no damages packs off, 3 Engine failuree during flaps retraction 1, 4 Engine failure during flaps retraction 2, 5 Rejected TO, 6 Engine failure in cruise packs off, 7 Engine fire packs off, 8 AC ess bus fault no recover, 9 AC1 ess bus fault successful recover, 10 AC bus 1 fault, 11 AC bus 2 fault, 12 DC ess bus fault, 13 DC bus 1 fault, 14 DC bus 2 fault, 15 Elec emer configuration, 16 IR 1+2 fault, 17 IR 1 fault + IR dis, 18 ADR 1+2 fault, 19 Cabin pressure sys 1+2 fault and emer descent, 20 G+Y hyd failure app, 21 G+B hyd failure app, 22 Flaps lock, 23 Slat lock, 24 Dual fmgc failure, 25 Go around without fd drill 1, 26 Go around without fd drill 2, 27 Engine fire below 400 ft with dc ess bus failed, 28 Lvto, 29 Cat II, 30 Cat IIIA approach and GA, 31 Cat IIIB approach and GA, 32 Cat IIIB approach and landing no dh.


89.00 USD

A319/320/321 CBT Computer Based Training


Full official Airbus interactive CBT available on 4 CDs. Very easy to use just select and learn!




Aircraft General, Air Conditioning, Pressurization, Ventilation, Auto Flight, Communications, Electrical



Flight Controls, Fire Protection, Cabin Pressurization



Fuel, Hydraulics, Ice and Rain, EIS and ECAM, EFIS, Recorders, Landing Gear



Lights, Navigation, Oxygen, Bleed, APU, Doors, Power Plant


99.00 USD

A319/320/321 Flight Crew Operating Manual FCOM


Official Flight Crew Operating Manual (1 CD) Adobe Reader included.


A must for pilots undergoing the type rating, recurrent or upgrade.

4 volumes in pdf format. LATEST revision (rev. 37). Interactive Menu, easy do surf trough and find chapters.



This is the officially instructional volumes from Airbus factory, it contains all 4 volumes verbatum + QRH (Quick Reference Hand book).


Volume 1 System description 869 pages

General info, Pack schematic, Eng start notes, Aircraft general, Air cond/press/vent, Auto flight, Communications, Electrical, Equipment, Fire protection, Flight controls, Fuel, Hydraulics, Ice and Rain, Indicating/Rec., Langing Gear, Lights, Navigation, Oxygen, Pneumatic, Water/waste, Maintenance sys., Information sys., APU, Doors, Power plants.


Volume 2 Flight preparation 303 pages

General info, Loading, Takeoff, Landing perf., Special ops, Flight planning.


Volume 3 Flight operration 871 pages

General info, Loading, Takeoff, Landing perf., Special ops, Flight planning.


Volume 4 FMGS

General info, FMGS overview, FMGS ops, Pilot interface, Multi phase, Flight phase, Irregularities, Index.


Also include: Quick Reference Hand book QRH 140 pages

General, Emergency procedures, Abnormal procedures, Normal procedures, In Flight performances, Ops data, OEB, Normal check list.


44.00 USD

A340 - A320 CBT Computer Based Training


This fully interactive Airbus CBT is available on 1 CD.

Very easy to use, just select and learn!


Flight Crew System

General, Air Cond/Press/Vent, Auto Flight, Communications, Electrical System, Equipment, Fire Protection, Flight Controls, Fuel System, Hydraulic System, Ice and Rain Protection, Indicating/Recording, Landing Gear, Lights, Navigation System, Oxygen, Pneumatic System, Water Waste System, On Board Maintenance, APU, Doors, Powerplant, QUESTIONNAIRE.



Flight Deck, Flight Deck Exits, Passenger Signs, Emergency Lighting System, Cids, Doors and Slides System, Communication System, Water and Waste System, Abnormal/Emergency Procedures, Evac Alert System, Oxygen System, Cabin Doors, Cabin Escape FAcilities.



General, Limitations, Flight Preparation, Flight Operations, Attidional Performance.


49.00 USD

A319/A320/A321 Flight deck and System Briefing


Official Flight deck and System briefing.

223 pages, pdf document.

A refernce made especially for pilots.

Perfect for a first approach to the aircraft or as a review guide.

Systems are described through many images.


General, Flight deck layout, Electrical system, Flight controls, Landing gear, Fuel system, Engine controls, APU, Automatic flight system, Environmental flight system, Electronic Instrument system, Radio management and communication, Maintenance centralized fault display system.


39.00 USD

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